Welcome new Warriors to The Warrior Programme® Online! We’re delighted to have you and no doubt you’ll have already jumped on the Warriors Facebook Group and introduced yourself to all of your fellow Warriors.


The Warrior Programme® Online is a three stage programme to coach you on:

  • How to plan a gym session – not only your first session with us but how to progress moving forwards
  • Getting stronger and toning up
  • Getting fitter (without having to spend half your life on a treadmill!)
  • Improving your body confidence and how you feel about your body
  • How to use weights with great form
  • Getting more flexible and improving your mobility (your ability to move)
  • How to eat healthily to maintain your weight but still have fun with food
  • Creating a healthier lifestyle and a great attitude towards exercising

So, let’s get started! Press play below to watch your first video:

Check out all of the topic headers on the main page of the site, so you can easily navigate through them. It’s up to you whether you have a bumper session and go through them all in one go, then revisit them as you need them. Alternatively, you could plan time in your diary to go through one section per week, to keep you from getting overwhelmed. Remember to schedule in time for your nutrition and mindset lessons too!

Your second video is our introduction to your training, what a split programme is (we’re going to be doing these) and how to structure one:

Working with a split programme is the most efficient way to train to get the results you’re looking for. Whatever time we’re dedicating to the gym (in our already busy schedules) needs to work for us, so that’s why we do this.

To get the most out of this programme, you need to be training a minimum of 3x a week, up to a maximum of 5, with 2 day’s active rest (walking, gentle yoga, swimming – basically still moving but nothing crazy).

On your training days, you’ll be spending between 45 and 90 minutes in the gym – no more, no less. When I say the gym, you are very welcome to train from home or to use a commercial gym, depending on your personal preference. If you’re training from home, you’ll need to get yourself some kit to be able to do all of our programme and we’ll provide the list and where to get it from at the bottom of this module.

Click here to download your ‘my split routine’ table to write out your personal routine i.e. the days you’re going to train – you can decide later what you’re going to train.

Next up, we have two more downloads for you. First up is our welcome pack for you to read through, and the second is our ‘How To’ E-book which gets you in the right headspace from day one. Headspace or mindset is so important and is the crucial differentiator between our Warriors and the rest of the world.

How is it all going to work from here?

  • You’ve got access – for life – for the three courses that run alongside each other – training, mindset and nutrition. Make sure you allocate reading time each week to each of them equally. We recommend you put this in your calendar or diary. Warrior Mindset and Nutrition are 12 stage courses and Training is a 10 stage course.
  • Minimum once a week, schedule some time to check in with the Warriors Facebook.
  • Plan your gym sessions from day one (today) – between 3 & 5 a week – depending on how quickly you want to see results and how much time you have to invest here. Don’t put undue pressure on yourself, but make sure you’re honestly evaluating your spare time too. Don’t forget that when we say gym, this can mean a gym that you’ve set up at home.
  • Once a month, you will have access to a group coaching call. We will announce all the times for these on the Warriors Facebook. We’d recommend you put these in your diary today so you don’t miss any. All are in GMT and will be hosted via Zoom. Here you’ll have the opportunity to ask our coaches questions, to check in for support, accountability and motivation and to pick up our latest tips and workouts.
  • If you’re unsure about – or just wanting us to check – your form on any exercise, you’re very welcome to film yourself (good quality please so we can see you!) and post it up on the Warriors group. One of our coaches will examine it and give you feedback within 72 hours. So you can always be confident in your form.

And today – please take a full body front on and side on selfie in a mirror (well-lit and nothing weird in the background!) and email it to kes@thewarriorprogramme.co.uk

This is your starting point – which is so exciting – and will enable all of us to see your progress. We’ve found that if we don’t have accountability or something to see where we started from, it’s very easy to get demotivated. When you see a happy, smiley, more toned and trim version of you looking back, you’ll be delighted and proud of yourself for all the effort you’ve put in.

If you would like to, we’d love to invite you to send us some measurements too, with the photos. Click here to download a guide to ‘How To Take Measurements’ for how to do this. Please send this along with your weight in kg, height in cm and your age. We find that Warriors see results faster with their measurements and this is even more rewarding, helping on those challenging days that we all have.

Then once a month, we’ll ask you to please send us a new version of these photos and measurements – so we can track and celebrate your progress together.

*Please be assured that both photos and measurements are optional. If you think this will trigger you or you just don’t feel good about it or that it’s for you, you don’t have to do them at any point in the programme. Just opt out. No one will ask why. We’ll send you a friendly reminder once, but if we don’t receive anything back from you then, we’ll assume that you’ve made this decision and be glad that you’ve decided what approach you think is best for you. This is your programme.*

Remember that we are 100% backing you, Warriors, and are here to help you. If you have any questions or challenges, please don’t hesitate to email our team at kes@thewarriorprogramme.co.ukk or post in the Warriors Facebook group.