Now we come onto the “actual training”! First up is upper body.

Hold your nerve – if you’re suddenly thinking, this one isn’t for me, my upper body is really weak, I won’t be able to do any of it… don’t worry! You’re not alone – so many of our Warriors used to feel this and they don’t anymore. It’s such a normal thing to feel.

We see it as social conditioning – it’s not seen as ‘attractive’ or ‘desirable’ for girls to have strong arms, or indeed any visible muscle, so we’re not taught or encouraged to train upper body. So, we don’t and that’s when we feel ‘weak’. You just don’t have the tools yet.

All this means is that when you start, you’re going to see great results fast! All of our workouts are scaleable so please don’t be afraid to meet yourself at your level – there is no pressure, there is no should. Start where you are, commit (even if it’s scary), keep going and you will get there, faster than you thought.

We’re going to work this – for each section – as:

  • Videos to guide you through each exercise
  • Description where we need it
  • Downloads for workout ideas

Keep a watch on the Warriors Facebook – we’ll post updates here – new exercises, new ideas and top tips. Some awesome success stories too!

Starting off with some ‘mobility’ – it’s like flexibility, and impacts how well you move basically. It’s an essential part of this programme if you want to be able to move your body well, and to get stronger, fitter and more toned, we have to help you get more flexible so you can actually get to all of the muscle.

You’ll build it into your warm ups and/or cool downs when you’re training upper body and you can do it standalone too if you’d like to. You’d do this if you sit at a desk all day, or drive long hours, and you have an achy neck, shoulders or back. All the mobility work will really help you with this as you get stronger.

Shoulder mobility

Trx shoulder stretch

Once you’ve warmed up and worked on your mobility, you’ll then move onto the training part of your workout.

First up, press up. 3 different variations and lots of ways to do it.

Press up

If none of these work for you right now, and you’ve tried ‘knees’ versions, then elevate your hands. Onto a box or a step, the higher you elevate, the easier you’ll make it. Start high and then get lower when you’re ready. Soon enough, you’ll be on the ground!

Similar to the press up, next up is the TRX Chest Press. (TRX is a brand name, the equipment is actually called a ‘suspension trainer’ and is made by many different companies and is easy to get. We’re going to say TRX for the purposes of this programme as it rolls off the tongue a bit easier!)

Trx chest press

Trx row

All of these will form the basis of your upper body training session to start with.