Here is a list of all of the kit that we refer to in the videos, so you know what to go out and buy if you decide to:

Suspension trainer – we refer to this as a TRX, but this is just the most popular brand name. By googling ‘suspension trainer’, you can find lots of different brands. Just be sure to read the reviews before you buy if you’re not buying TRX itself, and make sure you follow the installation instructions to the letter.

Kettlebells – lots of different varieties are available – all are good – and you can choose weights to suit you

Resistance bands – the stretchy bits of elastic! Again many brands, make sure you read the reviews before purchasing. We would recommend purchasing a medium and a heavy weight to begin with. Please note however that there is no ‘standard’ for the weights of the bands and this will differ between brands.

Foam rollers – we would strongly recommend you look to purchase Blackroll kit. We have used the Groove Pro roller and the duoball in the videos.

Plyometric boxes – we use these in the cardio video. They are available to purchase for home use, and come in a range of sizes (make sure you check the size you want before you buy. Most good commercial gyms will have these.

*Please note that we will only direct you to kit and suppliers of kit that we believe is of good quality and is appropriate to use with this programme. We accept no responsibility for any issues with the finding, supply, installation and use of any kit you purchase, or own already, in connection with this programme. The liability for any such issues remains with the supplier and/or manufacturer.’