So you’ve watched our webinar and picked up our top three tips to start getting stronger & Tone Up from today – you’ve already started your Warrior journey!
At The Warrior Programme®, we believe that it is your right to feel Strong – Confident – Fit – And to Love your body
You don’t deserve to feel like:
  • You don’t belong in the gym – that everyone else is so much fitter than you
  • That things you want to be able to do – run a 5k, do a press up, do a pull up – are out of your reach
  • You’re just not strong – your upper body definitely isn’t that strong
  • You don’t know what you’re doing the gym (which makes you feel pretty stupid)
  • To not like what you see in the mirror and worse, not feel like you have the tools to change it and improve it.
Instead, you deserve to:
  • Get results from the precious time you spend in the gym (we know your schedule is already stretched)
  • Feel energised, less stressed and in control of your exercise and eating routine
  • Feel great in the gym
  • Love what you see in the mirror
  • Feel strong, toned and fit
  • Use gym equipment full of confidence
Introducing the next stage of your journey with us – The Warrior Programme® Online.
Accessed all online in a very simple and easy platform, at a time to suit you, The Warrior Programme® Online is a three stage programme to coach you on:
  • How to plan a gym session (in one hour max) and how to progress it
  • Getting stronger and toning up
  • Getting fitter (without having to spend half your life on a treadmill!)
  • Improving your body confidence and how you feel about how you look in the mirror
  • How to use kettlebells, TRX & resistance bands with great form
  • Getting more flexible
  • How to eat healthily to maintain your weight, but still enjoy your life
  • Creating a healthier lifestyle and a great attitude towards exercising
None of us can do this alone, so we make sure that you have:
  • Accountability and support – you’ve tried before and nothing has worked. You know you won’t get there on your own.
  • A community of other like-minded women – support each other, share tips and make friends
  • Access to experts to coach you on what works for you, exercising with great form and changing your lifestyle.
What does it include:
  • Lifetime access to three online courses – training, mindset and nutrition
  • 50+ videos to watch again and again
  • 10 flexible workout plans for you to take away and use from today
  • Members’ only group for community, support & accountability
  • Access to our expert coaches to check your form, ask questions and get the best advice.
We are offering this Programme to just 50 people – and there are a lot more than that watching this webinar – so if you want to start getting stronger, fitter and toning up with us, we’d recommend you act fast.
We won’t extend this number – as we want to keep it a close-knit community – and we want only the most committed and driven people on this ride with us. If this sounds like you, click below to sign up today