Hello Warrior!

This week is going to be a little bit lighter than last week! We’re going to be thinking about fruit and veg and getting a good variety.

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5 a day – this is the principle that we’re given by the government to live by – as long as we get 5 fruit and veg in per day, we’ll be alright. Not so! The French government tell their citizens 10 a day. We too were supposed to be told this, but the government thought British people weren’t ready to accept that, so gave us 5 first. Good intentions perhaps, but I want the best for you.

So, let’s keep this super simple – 10 per day please. Max 4 fruits, 6 veg min.

Before you freak out and think how am I gonna do this, refer back to the smoothie recipes I gave you a few weeks ago – these all have 4+ in them, so 4 done before you leave the house.

3 at lunch – spinach and baby tomatoes and an apple

3 at dinner – broccoli, peas and kale


This week, let’s keep a diary of all the fruit and vegetables you eat – what they are and how much. Then have a look back through at the end of the week – how much variety is there and what’s the average number you’ve eaten per day?

Where can you increase it? 10 isn’t the limit by the way, it’s the minimum

Variety is really important – the more colours of the rainbow you’ve got on your plates, the better chance you’ve got of being nutritionally balanced and therefore in the body that you want and deserve. So, if you’re eating iceberg lettuce, carrot and cucumber every weekday lunch, you’re inhibiting your chances.

I’d recommend you buy with the seasons – it will be cheaper and some say Mother Nature creates what we need in the particular season. Plus it’s better for the environment.

How do I know what’s in season?

It will be cheaper or on offer. For example, strawberries are in season in the summer. Buy them in winter and they’ll be pretty highly priced; buy them in summer and you’ll get them on offer.

Get started on your food diary today and good luck!


Your Head Warrior