Hello Warrior!

We’re at week 8 – well done on getting this far and the amazing changes you’re making! They will stand you in such good stead life-long and mean you can fulfil the purpose for which you’re here

This week, we’re going to be talking about loving your body through food – a bit out there, I know, but bear with me.

Click play below and have a watch:

Following the video, I’d like you to work through these questions? Set aside 30 minutes alone and in peace to do this, make notes as you go along, so you can track your thoughts.

What emotions prompt me to eat or drink?

What foods or drinks do I tend to turn to?

How does it make me feel?

These emotions – when did I first start to feel like this? i.e. frustration – I first felt really frustrated at school.

Where else do I feel these emotions now?

What else could I do to relieve these emotions? i.e. have a bath, go for a walk, talk to someone I trust.

How can I remind myself to do something else rather than eat, when I feel like this? You could put post it notes on your kitchen cupboards, change the background of your phone to something positive.

Hold yourself accountable – when are you going to do this by?

And breathe! It’s not easy, so well done! Take some time now if you can to debrief!

This is an exercise you might want to do several times until you can drill down to what’s underneath it all – be patient with yourself – the fact that you’re even here doing this is incredibly brave

Huge Love!

Your Head Warrior