Hello Warrior!

This week, we’re going to be thinking about snacks, which is something a lot of our Warriors have struggled with before working with us. A lot of the choices that are promoted as healthy are actually not and it can be really difficult walking into a shop and making a good choice.

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To make it really simple, I’ve condensed down a list of some great options – both homemade and bought – in the attached document below. Just click on the button to download it.

Click Here to Download Your Snack Guidance

Ultimately, listen to your body when it comes to how often to snack, but as I say in the PDF, it’s better tobe preparedand save them for the next day if you don’t need them than to be in the situation where you’re forced to make a poor choice.

I’d really encourage you to get creative with this – if you google ‘protein bar’ with ‘vegan’ ‘no bake’ ‘paleo’ or any such buzzword, a myriad of recipes come up and you can’t go too far wrong. If you’re not sure, just post the recipe in the Warriors group and we’ll be able to help you out!

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Your Head Warrior