Hello Warrior!

How are you getting on with making your changes so far? I’d really encourage you to post in the Warriors group how you’re getting on, if you’ve got any questions or comments about the progress you’re making. If we all lift each other up just a little bit, we’ll all get so much further.


this week, we’re going to be talking about dark green veg. Click the button below to watch your video:

We’ve all got preconceptions about dark green veg and a lot of Warriors have previously struggled with this change more than others.

What do I mean by dark green veg?

Kale, cabbage, sprouts, spinach, watercress, pea shoots, cavolo nero, rocket, chard, collard greens, spring greens, broccoli – all those ones. NB not pale lettuce – the key is in dark!

What can they help me with?

Boosting my immune system – if you get a fair few colds, you can almost guarantee that you’re not getting enough dark green veg in.
Improving my skin
Boosting my metabolism
Improving my recovery from exercise and life in general
Reducing your risk of major diseases.

So hugely important!

How much of them should I be eating?

Start off today with one portion per day
Then up to it two
Then up it to three!

Two a day is your happy average!

How can I do it?

I’m going to split this down by meal to make it really easy:

Breakfast –
Add chopped kale or spinach into an omelette with 2-3 eggs
Add kale or spinach to a smoothie – make sure you add the kale first with water and whizz it before anything else.

Here are some great recipes for green smoothies:


We’re often putting new recipes in the Warriors group too!

I always make smoothies in double batches and store for the next day. I also always add a scoop of protein powder per serving to keep it balanced.

Breakfast muffins like these:


Lunch –

Omelettes or muffins can work again
If you’re making a lunch box or salad, chuck in some rocket and some baby spinach -like spinach can be added to pretty much anything


make a fresh salad with watercress and pea shoots
Steam broccoli, kale and peas together

A couple of my suggestions will require a bit ofprep in advance– I’m a big fan of Sunday evening prep, but nothing I ask will ever take more than 30 mins max.

Make a commitment today to include one portion in every day for a week.

Then next week, two portions.

At first, it might be a bit of an effort, but it will become habit. Be mindful not to boil them or cook them for too long as you’ll lose the nutritional benefit.

Until next week!


Your Head Warrior