Hello Warrior!

This week, we’re going to be talking lunchboxes! We’ve all got busy schedules and limited time. We also want to make healthy choices that support our bodies, but don’t cost the earth.

Click play below and have a watch:

Lunchboxes don’t have to be complicated or boring. So, how are we going to do it?

Buy a lunchbox – any will do – just a good quality plastic box, with a good seal. Nothing will annoy you more than a cheap box leaking all over your bag

Pick one protein

Pick one carb – sweet potatoes can be easily microwaved, or quinoa/lentils/couscous can be cooked in batches and stored, and will take 20 mins.

Pick 3 veg – I tend to go salad for lunch, unless I have leftovers from the night before, to save time – spinach, cucumber, tomatoes (but remember variety!)

Pick one good fat

Stick it all in the box together

You can add herbs and spices if you would like to

Job done! It’s that easy!

You can make two in one go (buy two lunchboxes) and you can use leftovers from the night before.

Not everything translates well to a lunchbox…

Pasta – goes all weird
Giant couscous – can glue together
Vegetables you might not be cool to eat cold

What’s good
Bean chilli – make in a large volume early in the week & cook rice and lentils in a batch to have together
Stir fry – dress with soy sauce, miso, fresh ginger & fresh garlic
Sautéed vegetables
Grilled vegetables
Sweet potato – cook a big batch of wedges, with paprika and turmeric, at the start of the week.

It will cost a LOT less than buying lunch out – more money to spend on the things you love! And you’ll feel pretty proud of yourself too!

How do I make time? I set aside 30-60 minutes on a Sunday afternoon/ evening to make the ‘bigger’ things like the chilli. This isn’t always possible, so I make more at dinner to have as leftovers often too.

The biggest thing is making the choice to do it and making it a priority. It’s not ‘I don’t have time’, it’s ‘my health and eating well isn’t a priority’. Decide to do it and you’ll find the time.

Much love,

Your Head Warrior