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Like carbs, fat isn’t the enemy! Today, we’re going to talk about how to make good choices with fats.

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As ever, let’s keep it simple:

Bad fats:
Hydrogenated fats – these will only be in processed foods – if it comes out of a packet, check the ingredients. If you see ‘hydrogenated’ anywhere, I wouldn’t eat it. Terrible for your body
Palm oil – not so much bad for you as bad for the environment
Too much animal fat

Good fats:
Coconut – oil, butter, flesh
Hemp oil
Olive oil
Rapeseed oil
Flax oil
Full fat dairy – if they take the fat out, they will replace it with sugar or other weird stuff
Eggs – don’t worry about cholesterol – that link has been disproven.
Nuts and their butters
Seeds and their butters

If buying oils, I would encourage you to buy extra virgin and cold pressed – it’s got more of the good stuff in. initially, I would recommend serving them out by the tablespoon, as a way to get to know how much a portion is. One tablespoon = one portion.

Like protein, think one source per meal/ snack. For example:
Breakfast – smoothie with avocado
Snack one – oatcakes with almond butter
Lunch – olive oil on salad with tofu
Snack two – coconut flesh with berries
Dinner – dark green veg sautéed in butter with sweet potato and tempeh.

Will fat make me fat?

No! We are supposed to eat whole foods, so by skimming the fat off and replacing it with other bits – sugar, chemicals, sometimes seaweed as a thickener (!) – it’s making it a half food! I know the media freaked us out for a while about fat, but you have my permission to forget that now.

Eating fat will not make you fat. My diet personally would be considered to be high protein, high fat, low carb. Going back to the carbs lesson again, you’ll be in the process of doing your trialling and erroring re carbs and fat, but trust me on this. The body’s processes are hugely more complex than this.

How much do I need?

Always check packets for portion sizing, but overall 20-25% of your overall calorie intake should come from fats, no more than 35%. For your average woman, this will be roughly 400-500 kcal per day in fats. Again, like carbs, this will depend on your size, activity levels and goals, so you’ll need play around with this.

Can I reduce the amount of fat on specific areas of my body?

Unfortunately not. So if you say, I want my stomach to be slimmer, you can’t choose to just remove fat from there – it doesn’t work like that. Instead you have to work on reducing your body fat overall, by adjusting how you eat and by training hard. Sit ups will not give you a slimmer stomach!

To lose body fat, I’d recommend using tools like a heart rate tracker and My Fitness Pal to ensure that you are in a calorie deficit (burning more fuel than you’re eating) and follow our guidelines to ensure you’re eating the right foods.

Share your stories and successes in the Warriors group. I’m immensely proud of you.


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