This week is about reflection. When you set a goal or identify a place for improvement in your life or the way you relate to your body, it’s really important to look back and assess your progress. We’re living in this thing, so it can be really hard to reflect on the go. 

Grab your notes from the previous weeks and click play below:

In parts one and two, you identified that:

There were some thoughts that weren’t working for you
They were creating negative feelings
This was holding you back from getting to what you wanted

On a scale of 1-10 (1 being no change, to 10 being everything is transformed), how would you rate your progress so far? 

If you’re 7, 8, 9 10 – amazing – keep going, it’s working and you’re doing the right things

If you’re feeling below 7, what else could you be doing to boost your progress? Is it that you’re being a bit too hard on yourself?

Here’s a few ideas for what you can make sure you’re doing to get the very most out of this course: 

  • Revisit each part more than once – it’s not intended that you’ve read it once and you’re done
  • Keep repeating the exercises, particularly the ones that you can see big change coming from
  • Stay alert and mindful of the ‘thought obstacles’ that get in the way of investing your time and effort
  • Check in with yourself – is your investment in time and money equal to your investment in money? 
  • Set up reminders on your phone, leave post-it notes around – so forgetting can’t be an excuse

Reflection is key to ensure you don’t drift away from course. As we’re doing the work, we can sometimes almost get lost in it and forget where we’re going. Or sometimes become a bit complacent as to the work still to do.

The work will never stop. If you want to keep good things and get even more good things, the work doesn’t stop.

By work, I don’t mean slogging away at a desk, behind a computer for 8-12 hours a day. By work, I mean doing the exercises, being mindful, checking yourself, reflecting, being honest with yourself, seeking help where you need it and taking ownership of your own journey. 

Someone very wise once told me ‘treat yourself like your best client’. Regardless of what your job/ business is, are you treating yourself like your best client?

Putting yourself first
Catering to your needs
Making yourself important
Doing what needs to be done to keep the relationship with yourself great?

If your relationship with yourself is flawed, everything else will be too.

No one is saying you will never feel shit in general or shit about yourself. We’re talking about expanding the great in yourself to be as big and as expansive as possible. So that when the shit comes, you may not even notice in the same way and you’ll be a hell of a lot better prepared to handle it. 

How would you like to be seen by others, or by yourself? Pick some words that resonate with you. 

Productive. Present. Patient. Compassionate. Kind. Grateful. Happy. Dedicated. Disciplined. Hard-working. Reliable. Consistent. Warm. Generous.