How did you get on last week with your mirror work? This week is building on this work – we’re going to be working towards appreciating your body.

So many of us have a complicated relationship with our bodies, a lot of which is governed by how we feel about the way they look, fed into very unhelpfully by social media and the advertising industry.

Your body is a beautiful machine and plays an utterly indispensable role in your enjoyment of life. This week, we’re going to be working on looking at it in the round and moving away from just thinking about looks and our insecurities. 

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Beyond how it fits into clothes or looks in the mirror, what else does your body do for you? 

Your list might include:

  • Protects you against disease
  • Provides you with the ability to be here
  • Runs away from danger
  • Laughs
  • Hugs
  • Heals itself
  • Gives you goosebumps/ ASMR
  • Allows you to communicate 
  • Breaks personal records
  • Gives birth.

Take some time to write your own list. For each one, think about an example in your life where your body has done that for you. 

Your body is incredible. Yet a lot of the time, we use the mirror, or other bodies, as our only frame of reference for the success of failure of our body. 

No one is saying you mustn’t care how you look or you mustn’t want to change how you look. 

If you do have looks-based goals, that absolutely fine and wonderful. 

What we want to do is help you achieve those goals, and to achieve them, by taking the necessary action to get there, requires a change in how you feel about yourself as you are now.

You can’t hate yourself different.

You can love yourself different – if you choose. 

By approaching your body with more love and respect, you’re more likely to treat it well and make choices that are healthy for you and aligned with what you actually want. You’re less likely to fall prey to mirror or scales-based self-sabotage. AKA ‘this angle doesn’t look good’ or ‘the scales haven’t gone down’, therefore I’m going to talk to myself like shit and make bad choices. 

Once you’ve recognised all your body does for you, the next step is finding gratitude for it. In order to have more of the good within our lives and bodies, we need to be grateful for that which already exists within it.

Good attracts good. Bad attracts bad. Gratitude attracts more things to be grateful for. It’s a wonderful circle.

Your next opportunity is to write a letter to your body. To tell it all the truths you want to tell it. To apologise to it, perhaps. To thank it. To just generally communicate with it. 

No one ever needs to see it. You can burn or shred it after you’ve written it if you’d like to. 

It might be a difficult task, so give yourself enough time to say everything you need and want to say. 

If you choose to keep it, you can choose to read it from time to time to remind yourself of the beginning of a deeper connection with your body. 

A wonderful daily practice to include is a Body Gratitude Triple. Every day, 3 things about your body that you are grateful for. Say it to yourself, someone else or write it down. Whatever feels most authentic to you.