This week, we’re going to be thinking about how you speak to your body.

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Find a mirror in your house where you will be uninterrupted. Set a 3 minute timer on your phone. Stand in front of the mirror and look at yourself in the eye for 3 minutes.

Be gently aware of your thoughts and feelings. You’re allowed to feel however you want – nothing, upset, happy – however you want. Focus on you, rather than your eye bags or a spot you need to get!

At the end of that 3 minutes, set another 5 minute timer to write down what you thought and how you felt. Was it hard? What did you learn? 

The first time I did this, it shocked me quite a lot – things like ‘I have a big nose’, ‘why do I look so tired’, ‘that top wasn’t a good choice’ were popping into my head, it was hard to focus on me as a whole, rather than picking apart tiny details. Working not to judge myself and to allow the process. 

Next step, grab your notes from the early weeks where you identified the thoughts that were holding you back from having what you want. Are there any similarities between what you thought then and what you thought when you were looking in the mirror? 

Next step…

I’d like to invite you to pick the thought that came through your head that made you feel the most uncomfortable. The one that perhaps kept coming back in. The one you’d really like to disappear from your thinking patterns. 

For me, in the past, it might have been to do with body fat and thinking I had to lose weight. 

How would it make your life different if you didn’t think about that or worry about that again? How would you feel?

Like we’ve done in the past weeks, I’d like you now to turn that thought around into a new belief.

What would you like to experience? How would you like to feel?

Let’s use me as an example again – ‘I have a fat stomach’ to… ‘I have a beautiful stomach with great shape and a strong core’.

Come back to the mirror. Say it to yourself, looking in the mirror. You may feel ridiculous, but try to suspend your judgement.

How does that make you feel?

This is your new daily practice. Like changing the thoughts in your head when they pop up, the mirror practice will help with moving you closer towards feeling more confident in your body and taking action from a positive, happy place. 

We’re always wanting consistency… so your invitation is to set aside 3 minutes 3x a week to repeat this exercise.

Each time, make your notes again and track how your thoughts and feelings change.