Hey! How are you doing?

We’ve been working these past few weeks on infusing more positive beliefs and thoughts into your life. Now, we want to start working on your situation and who you’re surrounded by to ensure you experience as much positive and affirmation energy as possible. The more positivity in your life, the easier the new beliefs will sink in and start taking effect.

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This exercise isn’t always an easy one. Yet it yields really powerful results when you have the guts to follow it through.

It’s about creating a positive landscape for you and your growth. You wouldn’t put a plant in bitty, nutrient-less soil and expect it to grow fruitfully. It’s the same with you – today, we’re cultivating the best possible soil for you.

Please remember this isn’t about cutting people out or isolating yourself. It’s about making conscious choices to engage with people who support you more and to manage your engagements with people who don’t support you as much. I

Take 15 minutes – you’re writing two lists:

List one: people who you spend time with who lift you up – you leave their presence feeling energised and excited.

List two: people whose company you leave feeling drained.

Leading on from this and taking action today:

How will you spend more time with the energising people? How will you manage your time with the people who drain you?

Remember if you’re persistently getting drained, how are you going to have the energy you need to do your stuff?