This week, we’re going to be expanding our focus to who you want to be.

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Who do you admire? Who inspires you?

My top two inspiring women are Ronda Rousey – first woman to ever fight in UFC (the mixed martial arts premiership) and Robin Arzon – ex-lawyer, turned ultramarathon (26 miles +) runner with type one diabetes. Both strong, powerful women who have achieved big things and spread the message that everyone can do what the hell they want to with the right time and effort dedicated. 

There’s a difference between a positive and negative influence, I feel. Some people lift you up and some people may pull you down. This is no reflection on that person – it’s all about us and where we are in our journey. So no shade on them, but still good for us to limit our exposure to things that make us feel bad or make us compare ourselves in a negative way.

Reflect on your social media – when you see a certain person’s posts, do you feel down or just generally a bit shit? If so, I’d really encourage you to go through and unfollow these people, even if they are your friends. It doesn’t mean you can never follow them again – perhaps further down the line, they might inspire you – but for now, we want to limit any negative influences on you. 

To replace these people, perhaps you can go through and find some more people who lift you up and inspire you?


Who inspires you and why?

Write down a quick list of who inspires you. Why do thy inspire you – what are their achievements and qualities? Be curious about why you look up to them.

Not from a perspective of comparing yourself, but actually the opposite. To see good or bad in anyone else, often means a part of that is in you. If you’re hard working, it’s likely that you are inspired by hard working people too. If you are creative, it’s likely that you love following other creative people. If you can see good in anyone else, or something you’d like to have, it’s likely you have the spark of that too. It’s very exciting. 

Turning to look at the list of qualities, which of those do you already see in yourself? Which would you like to see in yourself but don’t feel you do at the moment?

Take each one on a separate page – if brave is one of them, where are you brave now? Where could you be brave? Where have you been brave in the past?

It’s important to keep receiving inspiration every day and throughout the day. Social media is, for sure, one way to receive this, provided you curate it in a positive way.

Another way is a ‘Vision Board’ – effectively a collage of things you love and things you want to have or experience or be. Check back to the audio to hear me talk more about these again. 

Here are a couple of examples of past ones of mine:

They include photos of places I want to travel, motivating phrases, my own drawings, women who inspire me, the dog I wanted to have (and now have!), friends I want to spend more time with. All things which represent the life I want to have. 

Alsom my two inspiring women. Not because I want to be them, but because I want to, every day, emulate more of their qualities. For me, these are passion, compassion, bravery, self-belief, a sense of fun, determination, strength of character and body and faith.

If this feels right to you, I would encourage you to do the same – print out a picture of them and place it somewhere you will see it. If it doesn’t feel right, just follow them on social media and read what they say.

This isn’t for idolatry’s sake, but to reinforce in you, that you are them. You have the same qualities. You are just as great. 

So now we know what the qualities are, alongside the words you have written, I would like you to write as many examples as you can think of where you have demonstrated them.

Revisit your brainstorms around the words regularly – to remind yourself where you have already demonstrated your greatness and where you continue to every single day. 

Go forth into the world with this knowledge, knowing it will translate into your activities, in work, life and body, and will just grow from there.