Welcome to part three of Creating A Warrior Mindset!

So far, we’ve worked on:
1. What thoughts we regularly experience about ourselves
2. How these thoughts make us feel

Plus, we’re pretty sure these thoughts aren’t helping us get to where we want to be… as we haven’t got there yet! 

Now, we’re going to turn our attention towards the present and the future and consider the beliefs we want to have and the feelings we want to feel.

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Let’s start with how you want to feel – without editing your thoughts, write down 10 words which describe how you want to feel, regardless of whether you think it’s realistic or not.

It could include: energetic, enthusiastic, well, lively, confident, proud, beautiful, healthy, positive, joyous. However you would love to feel in the most “ideal world” you can imagine. 

How awesome would it feel to feel like that?!!

Right now, you might not believe it’s possible, and that’s okay. Are you willing to suspend disbelief? Searching for the option that things can 100% be better, and you can create the life and feelings that you want to?

What things in your life already make you feel like this? Even if it’s for a split second. Make a list.

Your first job is: how you can you make more of these things happen in your life every day? By investing more time doing things that make you feel the way you want to, the greater the chance of you feeling the way you want to for more sustained periods of time AND moving the things and experiences you want closer to you. 

Your second job is: taking five minutes a day to effectively pretend that you already feel like that? 

Weird, I know, but hear me out. We want to get your mindset to be as positive as possible, and as aligned with the things you want as possible, even if we’re pretending to begin with. 

Either shutting your eyes, looking out the window, staring at a picture that makes you feel good – up to you – set a 5 minute timer on your phone to imagine you already have all the things and all the feelings that you want. Focusing on the feelings, the more you can experience the feeling of joy, or what you think it would feel like to feel confident and healthy, the closer it is all moving towards you. 

Once a day, every day. 

The key here is repetition and consistency. 

You’re noticing your negative thoughts and replacing them with new thoughts, which will make you feel better and eventually turn into new beliefs about yourself and your life. By doing these practices consistently and repetitively, you will change your mindset and improve your sense of self worth and your absolute entitlement to feel the way you want to. 

You are worthy of the time and effort to put in the practice. You are worthy of everything that you want. 

I’d like to invite you to be very aware of your words this week. The words you say to yourself, and perhaps to others. Specifically, negative words, or words which are out of alignment with how you want to feel or be. 

These words might include:

  • Can’t
  • Impossible
  • Fat
  • Weak
  • Pathetic
  • Never going to happen
  • Selfish
  • Greedy


Words which will take your power away from you to continue the practices which will enable you to change and to get to where you want to be.

If you notice one coming out, don’t judge yourself, be kind and allow that word to pass away. Make a mental note of what you’d prefer to say instead. Catch yourself mid-sentence next time and change it before it’s fully out. Eventually, it will stop coming out altogether. 

You’ve decided what you want.
You’ve figured out how you’re thinking – and what’s getting in the way of getting to what you want.

You’ve decided how you now want to think and feel and speak. 
All we need to do now is rinse and repeat.

Even more powerful if you’re willing to share with others what your new beliefs are. Pick supportive ‘others’, who will genuinely listen, as opposed to people you just know will make it even harder to maintain them. There is power in a crowd moving in the same direction, so if you’re brave enough to share, everyone will benefit. Plus, it demonstrates that you are here and you are serious.

Huge well done all – continue to exercise compassion and patience with yourself this week.