Welcome to part twelve of your programme!

This week, we’re going to be talking about levelling up. Press play to listen to the audio below:

We all work at a particular energetic level – we are all vibrating at a certain frequency. The same way as all living things are vibrating. The frequency at which we vibrate determines what we attract to us – relationships, financials, experiences, health… everything. 

In order to attract something to us, we need to be vibrating at that same level as it. We cannot attract something to us that vibrates at a different level. It will just pass us by. So, if we want to attract new and better things to us, we have the choice to work to level up.

What kind of frequency do you think you are vibrating at at the moment? Can you see how the things in your life are matching this frequency?

For example…

If you are operating at a high frequency, you will likely have great friends, a partner that is aligned with you, financial freedom, good health and you feel happy a fair proportion of the time.

If you are operating at a lower frequency, you may have flaky friends, a partner you don’t really connect with, regularly be short of money, feel ‘not well’ and lacking energy.

There’s a huge range between us and wherever we are is not a cause for shame or judgement. Like anything, it’s important to know where we are, so we can identify what we need to do to get to where we want to be. 

If you’re unsure, things to consider observing include the following:

  • Your language. Are you always negative, regularly complaining about things?
  • Your thoughts. Do you think you don’t have control over anything, that everything happens to you?
  • How you feel about yourself.
  • How you feel about the other people in your life.
  • How you feel about your living and/or financial situation. 

Listen to your gut – it will often provide the right answer pretty quick. 

If you want to feel a 10, where do you feel your energy levels (your vibration) is at now? As always, no judgement.

You may well have felt your vibration raise itself since you started this course, which is awesome. There is always more to do, further you can reach and more you can experience. 


What does growth mean to you?

It could mean:
Learning more/ taking courses
Being more authentic to who you really are
Learning about who you are
Having new experiences
Meeting great people who are on the same wavelength
Having fun

What do you need more of in your life to continue growing?

Once you know what growing looks like to you, this is your path to work on to help you raise your energy level and your vibration. The more you grow… the more your grow!! 

You need to invite into your life more experiences that will assist you in growing and levelling up. The more you raise your vibration, the more good stuff you attract towards you.

What experiences and what growth are you going to invite into your life from now?

Do you need to book things, add things into your diary, make some inquiries? If so, act now. Don’t delay, don’t delay and say you’ll do it tomorrow or after x. Don’t let anything get in between you and your revelations now. 

It may be you need to spend more time on yourself, spend less time with a friend who drags you down, stop reading so much negative news, stop engaging in gossip, start doing something creative, get more sleep – whatever feels right for you.

Notice your obstacles – ‘I don’t have time, ‘I can’t afford it’, ‘it’s not important’ are the most common ones, that we all face.

Once considered they are rarely all they seem.

If time is your worry – perhaps what this is really saying is ‘it’s not a priority’, ‘there are other things I need to do that are more important’ and there will always be something that seems more important and that pushes for your attention. Instead, how can you make time? How can you make it a priority?

Particularly once you make this decision, you will be tested – something may break, your diary may get even fuller – just to test your resolve. Stand firm, it will pass and you will pass the test. 

If money is your concern, it’s often another shadow for ‘it’s not important’ or ‘there is something more important to do/spend it on.’ How can you make it important? How can you make YOU important? 

How can you find a way to create more money in your life, or invest what you do have in ways that are more aligned with your growth?

  • Ask for a payrise (probably long overdue!)
  • Cut your spending on things that don’t matter to you or you don’t use
  • Sell some old stuff
  • Split the investment with someone else
  • Work some extra hours for now

Write down the problem, or the worry you have, and then brainstorm straight after as many solutions as you can think of to it. Then pick 1-3 solutions and take action on them now. Email your boss to ask for a meeting, put 3 things on ebay, make a vow to spend less on alcohol.


So, here we are at the end of our first 12 part programme. You’ve done an incredible job and I’m so excited to be hearing all about your successes. Click on the video below to find out how to take your growth further:

Levelling up to stage two of Creating A Warrior Mindset, we will continue to work on: 

  • Stress and how to manage it, when stress is often a status symbol in our world
  • Managing your emotions to help you feel as healthy and energetic as possible
  • How to feel more powerful
  • How to be more assertive 
  • How to follow your purpose in an even deeper way and become your true self


To continue investing in yourself, click the link below:

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