We’ve been focusing on how you talk to and how you feel about your body over the past few learnings. This week, we’re going to turn to how you look after it.

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When you appreciate that your body is amazing, your attention then focuses to look after it and not take it for granted. 

Let’s do a life audit for where you are now. Rating the following out of 1-10. 1 being totally not getting this, 10 being nailing it.

  • Getting enough sleep
  • Staying hydrated
  • Eating enough healthy foods
  • Resting and relaxing
  • Work life balance
  • Not drinking too much alcohol
  • Regulating how much sugar or fast food you eat
  • Movement
  • Managing your stress levels


Feel free to add others to the list that work for you.

Tot up the total number of available points – aka 10x the number of points on your list. Then add up the total points you gave yourself. Here you have your total wellness & self care points. 

No judgement, it doesn’t matter what the number is, it’s purely good to know where you are now and so you have a basis of comparison for later. 

Take a look at the 3 areas where you feel you’ve scored the lowest and add them to a list.

Set yourself a goal – what number would you like to get them up to and by when?

What do you need to do to achieve these goals? Break it down, step by step, week by week, don’t expect yourself to just achieve it right away. It’s okay for it to take time, as long as you’re taking action and being honest with yourself about it.

Here’s 3 examples for you:

I want to get my score of a 3/10 with exercising to an 8/10 by 1st June 2020. To do this, I am going to:

  • Bin the old sports bra that doesn’t actually fit me and go buy a new one. 
  • Find out a gym near me that I like the feel of and join.
  • Arrange a session with a friend – actually book it in.
  • Research personal trainers in the area to find one I resonate with to start a conversation with.
  • Follow 5 inspirational fitness instagram pages. 
  • Set myself a challenge of a new skill to learn, to make it fun. Watch some YouTube videos about it. 


I want to get my score of a 2/10 with sleeping to an 8/10 by 1st June 2020. Here’s what I’m going to do:

  • Set myself a strict bedtime of 11pm, even on weekends (with the odd exception)
  • Get up by 8am every day, again, even on weekends.
  • Invest in some blackout blinds
  • Write out a bedtime routine and follow it – reading, having a shower, turning the TV off an hour before, drinking herbal tea.


Hydration – I’m a 2/10 at this too and I want this up to 8/10 by 1st June 2020. My plan is:

  • Buy a gallon bottle and drink it steadily every day.
  • Carry it around with me too = extra exercise and strength building. 
  • Stop drinking drinks with added sugar.
  • Try one new herbal tea a week until I find one I like. Try to keep an open mind about it. 
  • Reward myself after 7 days of drinking the gallon bottle every day.


Write out your ideas. Weed out ones that don’t feel inspiring/ you won’t actually do. Make a plan now to put them in place. 

Schedule a check in time with yourself in a week’s time, then a month, then 3 months to see how your scores are changing.

If you nail it earlier, add in another one. 

There is no limit to how good you can feel; only how good you think you’re allowed to feel.