Welcome to Part One of Creating A Warrior Mindset!!

What is the purpose of this programme?

You’re here, you’ve invested, which is incredibly brave, so let’s re-cap on what we’re working on together.

To help you to feel:

  • In control of your comfort eating and drinking and habits
  • Confident when you look in the mirror
  • Confident enough to walk into any situation
  • Calmrelaxed and in control
  • Like you belong in the gym
  • Like you’re investing time in yourself and your desires
  • Strong and happy in your own skin
  • More positive and driven in your thoughts and in your life

.Sound exciting?! 

To make changes in your body and your experience of your life, you need to first change your mindset – how you think and feel – to enable the changes to happen, to stick and to stick around – not just appear then disappear a few months later. Without the mindset work, things might not change, it might take ages and it might not last.

So we’re here to make lasting, sustainable and damn right amazing changes in our lives!! 

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Let’s begin by getting clear on what we want to see and experience in our body.

Think deeply about everything – how it looks, moves and feels.

For example, a list could look something like:

  • More toned arms
  • More energy
  • More confidence when I walk into a room
  • Feel sexier
  • Less tummy fat
  • Less back ache

The more specific you can be, the better. The forces out there love to respond to specific demands!

The list might feel overwhelming at first – and tough to put together. Don’t worry, this is normal. Seek inspiration from people you admire – what is it you admire about them? What makes you want what they have? How can you distill and condense this down into your list?


Next step, to identify and list the thoughts that came into your head when you wrote that list. All sorts of thoughts and objections might well have been popping into your head…

‘I can’t do that’

‘It’s pointless to write that down, it’ll never happen’

‘No one can have everything’

‘That’s impossible’

‘That’s really greedy’

We’ve all thought these things – no judgement and no shame. You’re human. 

Write them all down in a list without editing what you thought. It’s all good and this is an important step. 

These are what you’re up against – your thoughts. Your thoughts will try to bar you from taking action. Sabotage you from changing. Your mind thinks it’s helping you, to keep you safe, aka in what you and it knows. But this isn’t going to allow you any growth or change, so we don’t want it to persist.

By changing your thoughts, you’ll be able to, over time, change the way you feel and change how you access your power to take action. 

I want you to be on high alert for these thoughts over the coming weeks. If you notice them, do just that – notice them. Accept the thought and let it go.

Awareness is where we start. No judgement, see the thoughts with compassion and kindness. This is the first step to them fading.

Alongside this, I’d like you to envision how it will feel when you look, move, feel the way you want to. Try not to let the thoughts intercept this, or the worries about the how. You don’t need to know the how right now. You just need the vision, as clear and bright as if it were in front of your eyes right now.

Invest 3 minutes every day for the next week imaging how wonderful it is going to feel. See it all in detail, delight in all the feelings. The more real you can make it, the better. 

I’d absolutely love for you to share your experience of how you’re doing with the exercises by dropping me an email – just click here.  


Sending vibes,