A few weeks ago, we focused on the psoas and the effect it can have on how you feel. This week, we’re going to move on to look at the chest and the meaning behind chest tightness and how it can affect how you feel.

Let’s start by watching the video below:

Where do you feel your chest tightness comes from? What stops you breathing, what makes you hold your breath? Our breath is our ultimate life force so it must be something that is depriving you of life in some way, which could be in the form of time, money or energy.

It could be an irritating client – you notice you hold your breath whenever you receive an email from them. It could be an issue at home. It could be a particular place.

You may not know now but give it some presence in your mind over the next week to identify it – maybe keep a journal so you can start to notice patterns.

Once you’ve noticed your pattern, how do you feel about that thing/ event/ person?
How does it affect you?
What does it deprive you of – time, money or energy, or maybe a mix?
How could you maybe minimise the effects of this?
This might be easy, it might be impossible. At the very least, you’re now aware of it and can focus on your breathing when confronted by it.

Holding our breath might feel like a way to cope but it is really the opposite – it makes it harder for you to think and react and makes you feel crap! So focusing on taking deep breaths, down to the diaphragm like we went through in the video.

By releasing some of this tension that so many of us unconsciously hold, your chest muscles will feel looser and more comfortable and any aches and pains may subside. You’ll have more energy, feel ‘better’ and be calmer.

Incorporating a deep breathing practice regardless is also an excellent idea. 60 seconds a day as a starting point to just sit and focus on your breathing will really help to give you more presence of mind. As you get comfortable with this, increase to 3 mins, 5 mins etc. I’d love to hear what results you find from it and feel free to come back to the exercises above whenever you need to.

You’re a wonderful human being and you have the right to BREATHE!

Take a deep breath now, all together



Head Warrior