Hi Warrior!

How often do you say no to your body? How often do you ignore it? Do that meeting/ that event/ meet that friend anyway? Even if you feel ill/ exhausted/ drained? We all do it, and today is going to be about tuning in to your body and learning to listen.

Let’s start by watching the video below:

Practice – When you wake up, take 3 mins to figure out how you feel and express gratitude to your body

Same mid-morning and mid afternoon

Before bed, take 3 mins to express more gratitude towards your body.

It’s about connection. Your mind is not separate – to be whole, you must function as a whole.

Start saying what you mean and reacting from the body. The body deserves respect and care.

Hold yourself accountable through a journal – tick off against each one of the 4 check ins:

Do you know how you feel right now?
How many times in the last month have you done something you didn’t feel well enough to do?

How many times have you said yes when you meant no?
Does your body feel well?

Or perhaps even with another Warrior.

Once you know what your body wants and feels, and you start to express gratitude for what it does, it will be a lot easier to give it what it needs.


Amy, Head Warrior