Hi Warrior!

This week, we’re going to be talking about the connection between the body’s symptoms, feeling and appearance and your emotional wellbeing.

Before you press play on the video below, please click the button to download your worksheet, as we’re going to go through it together.


I’d recommend you pick one physical symptom per month and set aside an hour to work through this worksheet on it.

For example, you could pick: carrying excess weight around your stomach, a persistent knot in your shoulder, achy hips, sore lower back, feeling tired – anything about your body which isn’t desirable to you. If the problem is more persistent, spend more time with it, check in with it once a week if possible.

Also, daily, I would encourage you to practice an affirmation – an ‘I am’ statement in connection with it.

This could be:
I am slender and lean
I am in a healthy, calm body
I am energised and full of life
My back feels loose and flexible

A positive ‘turn it around’ from what you’ve been thinking about your symptom so far. The more you can positively affirm what you want, the more chance of it being delivered your way there is.

Write it on post it notes around your house, say it to yourself in the mirror before you leave the house, set up a daily reminder on your phone that you have to read.

Repetition and consistency are key.

Have faith, it’s coming.


Amy, Head Warrior