Hi Warrior!

Continuing on the animal theme, this week, we are going to be looking at animals and ourselves from the perspective of self-love and self-compassion.

Let’s start by watching the video below:

Animals know they are flesh and blood. Animals know what they need and they go after it. Animals don’t judge themselves for what they need and want. They just live.

We, however, often seem to live in a cycle of judgement and denial – we want something, we don’t think we can have it, we don’t like this feeling, we judge ourselves for wanting it and then we deny we ever wanted it all. Which creates stress.

What if we were to break the cycle and just accept ourselves?

A lion doesn’t say ‘I wish I was less yellow’, ‘why do I kill gazelles’, ‘why can’t I be longer’. Instead, they just are. Now this doesn’t mean we should never examine and make changes in our behaviour – this is exactly what we are doing now! But there is a huge difference between wanting to make positive changes from a place of love and thinking we are not good enough as we are.

Animals know they are good enough, just as they are. So do babies.

It’s us as adults that have ‘learned’ that we are not.

So let’s come back to being animals.

What are the five biggest needs in your life? Take a moment to write them down. It might look something like this: love, fun, friendship, enjoying my work, nature.

Do you feel fulfilled? Is your life giving you what you want?

If not, how would an animal act with regard to this? Would it feel bad about and judge itself for wanting more and then wind up doing nothing about it? Or would it accept its wishes and go after what it wants?

Be more animal. In being more accepting of ourselves and our wishes, we create less discord with our selves and therefore less stress. The more in alignment our lives are with who we are, the less pull we will feel and the more centred we can be.

What animal would you be if you could choose any? Why?

Is your personality and are your actions in alignment right now with how that animal would act? If not, what 3 things can you do this week to bring yourself in line with your animal?

Post a picture up in the Warriors Group of your chosen animal – we’d all love to see!

See you next week!

Head Warrior, Amy