Last week, we identified what stresses you out and I’m guessing you’ve been thinking about this for the past week. 

Today, we’re going to turn to how to start helping yourself with these.

Let’s start by watching the video below:

We recognised last week that we are animals. Yet, we live in this crazy, modern world and we’ve forgotten so much of our nature and our needs.

We need to rest, play, be loved, connect, feel, be free, work, have purpose, have meaning. But a lot of us don’t have these things in our lives. We’re always plugged in, always on demand, always things to do, that our life as an animal so easily gets forgotten.

I’d like you to now draw a little table with all of these along one side and then in the empty box alongside, write out what you do in this sphere. Are you happy with it? Are you getting enough? Be honest.

Well done. Here’s my table now, with some ideas as to how you can get more. Have a read and in any of the columns where you’ve said you don’t get enough and make a firm commitment with yourself to change at least one thing in each area by the end of next week. Mine are just suggestions, feel free to change whatever feels right for you.


Take an afternoon off, just to yourself
Go to bed an hour earlier
Go somewhere restful for your lunchbreak, instead of to Tesco
Read a book for an hour once a week
Transform a room in your house to be more restful
Begin meditating for 5 minutes every morning
Go to a yoga class – pick yin or something relaxing


Arrange a fun outing with a friend – something you wouldn’t ordinarily do
Do something creative – join a class or draw by yourself, whatever feels right
Do something you’ve been wanting to do for a long time
Wear an unusual outfit to work or out
Watch a new comedy

Be loved & connect

Arrange a date with someone you love – doesn’t have to be romantic
Connect with your family – take your Mum out for a surprise lunch
Tell someone you love them, when they don’t expect to hear it
Write a list of the things you love about yourself and read it to yourself, looking in the mirror

Feel free

Take an impromptu day off to do whatever the hell you want
Surprise someone
Stand atop a hill or mountain and just look down – experience nature in some way
Take a day off worrying about what people think
Carry out a job audit – are you happy? Is your job enough in all ways? What would you like to change? How can that be done?

Work and have purpose

Start some volunteering work
Donate more than you usually would to charity
Spend some time contemplating – what am I here to do? What am I really good at?

Have meaning

What do you most enjoy doing? Go do it.
Take a moment to think about – what am I working towards?
Read a book which challenges you emotionally – I’d recommend anything by Brene Brown or Louise Hay.

So, to me, stress is when we veer far from these things. Ultimately, from who we are as people. By taking small steps to bring us back in line with that, we bring ourselves away from stress.

I can’t wait to hear how you’re getting on in the Warriors Group this week. Use it as a platform to send a stronger message out there that you are coming back to yourself.

Until next week!

Head Warrior, Amy