Because, we care about the kind of woman that we are and that we want to be. So, what kind of woman do you want to be?

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DIARY EDIT – does your diary or calendar match that of the kind of woman you truly are? Are you flying around like a crazy thing when the woman you are is calm and centred? Are you making time to care for yourself if that’s the truth of who you are?

No judgement, just time to have a rethink. How can you reflect your true self more in your lifestyle?
Time for breakfast?
Regularly seeing girlfriends?
Making more time for your partner?

If the ‘I don’t have time’ voice chimes in, try to gently move past it. To agree with it, would be to say I don’t have time to be the woman I truly am.

Make these changes now, get them in place as you’re doing this, move meetings if you have to and you can, look into how you may be able to get a bit more help with childcare. Start with the belief that it’s doable and it’ll all fall into place.

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Sincerest thank you Mindset Warriors from the bottom of my heart for being a part of this. In investing in yourself, you’ve helped level up the consciousness of the world and that is incredible!

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Head Warrior