How are you feeling today?

Can you feel the impact of the changes you’ve made so far? It’s so exciting. 

Don’t forget the power of your morning to create your headspace for your day. The morning sets the tone, so investing the time to get yourself feeling how you want to be is crucial.

We’ve all done it… rolling out of bed, stuffing some toast and tea in your face and cracking straight on with emails. Or diving straight into doing a job for someone else, the dishes, the washing, without a moment’s thought for what you need. 

Aren’t you as important as all the jobs and work?

It’s time for a better way. Parking the thoughts of how busy we are (because, believe me, we all are), we’re going to talk today about how to invest your morning time – whatever it is – in a way that sets you up for having the day you want.

After all, a life is built up of days and the more successful and productive the days that you have, the better the life you are going to build. 

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There are lots of things you can include in a morning routine, and it all depends on what you feel will work for you.

They can be 5 minutes, or 2 hours. All it has to be to start with is “some time”. You can decide what you want to do for now and then optimise it as you go, change things up as you want to, when new ideas come in, or something just isn’t feeling right anymore. 

Here’s an example of one that’s worked really well for me:

6am Wake up – ask my husband 3 things that we’re each grateful for, and he asks me in return

6:10 Get up, set out a yoga mat, light a candle, perhaps put some essential oils in a diffuser and work through a short yoga practice. Nothing structured or fixed, just moving my body in a way that feels good. Feel free to follow along to some videos on YouTube if you prefer to have a guide. 

6:25 Taking supplements, drinking hot water with lemon, starting to prepare a breakfast as consciously as possible, aka something I know is good for me and I will enjoy, rather than just the default option that I always have. I keep on some peaceful music, or YouTube videos of positive affirmations. 

6:40 Eat breakfast with a book or helpful online video. Not browsing social media, keeping my attention focused on something that gives me the vibe I want to have. 

7:00 Looking at my vision board and taking note of everything that’s on there, what it means to me and what action I’m going to take on it this day. 

7:10 Finishing getting ready – moisturising, getting dressed, putting oil in my hair – things to make sure I leave the house feeling embodied in myself. 


So why did I choose this and what results do I get out of it?

This is purely a guide; there are many other things you could include. Some other ideas include:

  • A meditation (try Headspace)
  • Journalling
  • Foam rolling 
  • Setting intentions
  • Walking outside
  • Looking at the sky as the sun rises
  • Taking a morning selfie, just for you
  • Dancing
  • Drinking tea in the garden

Aim to choose activities that make you feel calm, centred and relaxed.

We’ve all been programmed that mornings have to be crazy and stressful, particularly if we have kids, but this doesn’t have to be true for you. You  have the power to change any programming around. Being calm and centred and grounded in yourself will help you to be more productive, feel less resentful and more energised for the rest of the day. You will be more effective at work and in helping those who look to you for care or support.  

Be prepared for trial and error, change it up whenever you feel like it, swap ideas with others on the same journey. 

There are a few no gos – it can’t really include cleaning or housework or jobs, and it must be something for YOU.

It can be any length of time – 5 minutes, 3 hours, the whole morning whatever. You get to choose.

We all have 5 minutes in the morning – even just to look out the window and have a little stretch. Even 5 minutes will make a difference to your mindset. Even if you have kids or a crazy hectic morning, you can find a way.

To cement this exercise, now write down your morning routine on a piece of paper, including timings, and place the sheet where you’ll see it every morning. Commit to yourself now that this is it and you’re going to do. Perhaps set a reminder on your phone or block out a recurring daily appointment with yourself in your diary.

Then follow through with your commitment! 

You may experience some little voices in your head saying things like ‘you don’t have time for this’, ‘you’ve got too much to do’, ‘this is so self-indulgent’. This is very normal.

If that happens, acknowledge the voices, try to avoid telling yourself you’re being stupid for thinking it – it’s just how you’ve been conditioned. Your conditioning is not your fault; your responsibility to yourself is to act now in a way you want to. Accept the voice, thank it and move on.