Over the past few weeks, we’ve worked on you and getting you into the best mindset to set firm goals and take action on them. 

Now, we’re going to turn towards pulling all these goals and wants together and start thinking big in terms of who you are and what your purpose here is. 

You might have a very strong idea of this already, which is awesome. If you don’t, don’t worry at all. You’ve got this. See today as the start of the journey of discovery. 

Grab a pen and paper and start working on the following questions:

Step one – write down as many things as you can think of that make you happy. Let’s say a minimum of 10 and no maximum. 

Step two – make a list of things you’re really good at. Things perhaps you’ve been told you’re good at and things you believe you’re good at. 

Sit back and have a look at the two lists – can you notice any overlap between them? Do you love drawing and you’re also amazing at it? Are you really great at sport and you love it too?

This, my friends, is our sweet spot. That magic place where what you’re great at and what you enjoy are actually the same things. More often than not, this is the case for us. Maybe we were designed to love the things we’re also good at?

Now, if this list doesn’t include anything that is your current job/ work-life, please don’t freak out – it’s fine. This is not an exercise to make you leave your job, unless you want to. If you love your job and it doesn’t feature on either list, that is absolutely fine. 

If you do want a change in direction in your work life, perhaps this can be a catalyst to start thinking about it?

Either way, it’s entirely up to you. 

Purpose can mean a hobby, a role, a relationship – whatever you feel like you were put here to do, you get a lot out of doing and just generally lights you up. 

We want to find a way to get more ‘purpose’ into your life. To help you feel happier, more alive and more fulfilled. 

To do this, we’re going to do a ‘spare time’ calculator. To assess where you can create the time to invest in finding more purpose for yourself.

We often tell ourselves that we ‘don’t have time’ to do the things we love and in the vast majority of cases, this is untrue. It’s just a story we tell ourselves. 

I’d like you to take an average day of your life and we’re going to work out how you invest your time.

Start with the time you wake up and go to bed and use this as a frame. If you want to sleep more, you can set this goal now and adjust your get up and sleep times to your new times!

How long do you spend on breakfast? On social media? Travelling? Working? Lunch break? On the phone? Running errands?

Be realistic about the amount of time you’re tracking for each.

Then, look at the time left-over, or the time that you’re spending elsewhere that you’d prefer to invest in this. 

Tot it up. We’ve all got 24 hours a day, approximately 8 asleep then another 16 to choose what we do with it.

You’ve got your total. Your next list then is to make commitments to yourself about how you are now going to start investing that time more effectively. Starting today.

Instead of watching TV, draw.

Invest in technology to help you prepare meals faster, leaving more time. 

Leave the office at lunch so you can go and do something productive, rather than getting caught up in office gossip.


Once you’ve done this list, how can you add another dimension to activities you feel you have to do, to make them more fun or more productive?

Listen to audiobooks whilst driving or cooking, switch food shopping to online shopping to save time, put a vision board up in your kitchen where you’ll see it when you cook… get creative, you’re great at finding solutions!

Let’s get started with this now – which change are you going to implement first? Challenge yourself to at least one per week until they’re all implemented. How can you hold yourself accountable? Who in your life can you check in with, to talk about what you’re doing, why you’re doing it and when you have a wobble?

By making these changes, you’ll release more time to you, so you can do with it what you truly want to and find more purpose in your life. 

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Don’t waste your time, you are here for a reason, the world needs you.